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Alumina Crucible

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Brief Instruction:

Alumina crucible has a wide application due to its versatility and low material cost. It is much more economic compare with silica crucible. Alumina prossesses a high melting point, strong hardness and good chemical stability, making it a good material to withstand high temperature and chemical corrosion.

Technical Specification
Model Capacity Size (Rim x Bottom x Height)
Alumina Crucible 25 ml 39 mm x 23 mm x 39 mm 
30 ml 45 mm x 25 mm x 39 mm  
50 ml  52 mm x 30 mm x 46 mm 
100 ml 73 mm x 38 mm x 53 mm  
Alumina Crucible, Lid 25 ml 47 mm x 9 mm (Rim x Height) 
 30 ml 53 mm x 9 mm (Rim x Height)  
 50 ml 63 mm x 10 mm (Rim x Height)  
 100 ml 83 mm x 13 mm (Rim x Height)  

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